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HAD artwork is based on a specific technique of street art, the wallcut as they call it. A synthesis of their initial commitments, and also their professions, where members are a street artist, an architect and a painter, led them to the creative vision of making a new and unique artistic expression. The technique is based on cutting and demolition of wall surfaces, where the relations between the parts that remain and the removed parts create a relief surface of their artwork. Their work is characterized by the fact that the wall becomes the canvas, the masonry tools become the paint brush, and the wall impregnation replaces the painting binder. While leaning on the traditional methods of relief and sgraffito fresco techniques, this artist collective is going in a completely different direction thematically. Revolutionary and selfless artistic expression, though distant from vandalism, it possesses a dose of rage in itself, together with the need for stealth and desire for change. They draw inspiration from the forgotten things, their silence, surrealism, past and melancholy, turning them into representations of human figures and portraits. By deconstructing, they want to create a new life on every wall, and then walk away from it. Their artwork is what remains and their visions are the only thing they carry with them.

„The main subject matter of our artistic expression problematizes the phenomenon of forgotten everyday people, no matter the nation, age or color of the skin. Every living human being is destined to disappear one day, but not to be forgotten by other people. Even though still alive, people end up being left behind and invisible to other people.
Making the already forgotten human beings alive, visible and important to everybody else is what we tend to achieve with our artwork. So, the usage of all our materials is based on the same subject. We often choose random people from all sides of the world and make them visible by putting their faces into walls. Everybody needs another chance in the fast world we live in, so we try to give these people another chance of existence in somebody else’s mind. That way, they can live forever and they don’t get forgotten.
Looking at the technical part of our artistic expression, we use all kinds of hard surfaces, mainly walls. We scratch, carve and engrave wall layers to achieve depth and create a form of a human portrait, a technique similar to woodcut and linocut. We use basic tools like hammers, chisels, knives, drills, etc.
The walls which are as left behind by society and have lost their functionality as the people we put into these walls are two main points we pay our attention to. We tend to give the new artistic form and a life to these surfaces by turning them into human portraits.” – HAD