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„When we initially came in here to complete our first artwork (June 15, 2015), we wanted to put our names on the wall. During the lunch break, I started putting the name Hamo, and after writing the H and A letters, I realized that we don’t have a legal permission to work in here. Then I just added the letter D at the end, the first initial of Damir’s name, and that’s how the name of our collective HAD was created, just the first letters of our names: Hamo, Anel, Damir.“– Anel

About one month earlier, just after the collective exhibition in their hometown Visoko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), the three young artists came to an idea of making something different and unseen. It’s no wonder that the wallcut technique was what they decided to do together, since the members of artist collective HAD are an architect (Muhamed Bešlagić- Hamo), fine artist (Anel Lepić) and the street artist (Damir Sarač). The collision of their professions and the will to create something new in art went over the fact that the three of them were not familiar with their individual artistic expressions. The urge to create together was the only thing that mattered, and it still is.

The grain tank in Visoko was the place where they perfected the new technique on the walls, but more important it was the place where they got to know each other artistically and personally. Far away from everybody else, HAD worked there day and night for one month and a half, preparing their first revolutionary exhibition „WALLS“ (August 9, 2015). They weren’t aware of the fact that so many people were interested in what they do, so the number of visitors at this exhibition was what had driven them to create even more.
Soon after, the project „Silence“ started. It was the first time they worked outdoors and in front of everyone. This fact, together with the whole concept of „Silence“ and the usage of electric tools led them to new artistic psychology. The project was completed two months later (November 11, 2015).

Despite their expectations, they have drawn the attention of people in their country and the region. Many foreign media from all over the world came to Visoko to meet them and write about them. HAD has also broadened their connections and started the collaboration with various people from the music and film industry, design and fashion, etc. They are currently working on their new projects.
„We still have the same desire for creating art as we had the first day. It became our addiction, our passion, and our lifestyle.“ – HAD

  • “WALLS” – exhibition in abandoned grain tank, Visoko, August 9, 2015
  • “Silence” – project dedicated to victims of war in Srebrenica, Visoko, November 11, 2015
  • “Yesterday.Today!Tomorrow?” – project within the Walls of the World campaign, International, November 3, 2015
  • “Cut in a Wall” – online exhibition, International, December 16, 2015