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Exhibition Cut in a Wall is consisted of HAD’s artworks which were the part of WALLS and Silence exhibitions as well as the artworks from the other projects. It is realized with the online Breeze gallery from New Zealand.

My take on “Cut in a Wall” by HAD – Breeze Canyon

It incorporates the entire notion of mark making. From drawing, etching, brushwork, tattoo, scarification to irrigation, highways, housing developments, mining and earth works. Every endeavor man has taken for he is in fact an act of self-expression, and of leaving a “Mark”.

On every level where man has had his hand in he’s left his mark. This is partly the perspective in the approach to my work, but it also seeks to bring Modernity and technology into the discussion. I argue that ‘HAD’ and the Cut in a wall, is “like” tattoo, “like” scarification, “like” etching, “like” ploughing the land, “like” clearing large areas of land for highways and urban development. It is also part of another pet that I have, which I’m fairly fond of.

The work of HAD is to me at least (and I may have my detractors), “Primitive”. At the very least, I’m reminded of subterranean cave dwellings, where the basic urges and survival instincts were all that were needed to guarantee survival. The dark caverns that hide away a secret cultural treasure forever etched on its wall for all memorial. I have this sense like I am intruding into the deep recesses of the mind and at any moment I could be confronted by something startling and un-arming.

Something not from this world or foreign. Like markings on ancient cave drawings, stories, images that are taken from that time. The physical labor involved in creating these works have endeared me to it, knowing that many chaff under labor. This really is a labor of love, a story needed to be told. With every blow of the hammer a piece of the past is removed to reveal the future. This art, through struggle epitomizes the cultural and political landscape that these works come from. Read what you must out of each piece.

Carving out images to tell a story is not that much different to the ancient Sumerians and the cuneiforms they used to create their written language. It’s all about “Communication”. What we read is etched not just on the landscape but also on the hearts and minds of the people who these stories are about. In closing. I just want to say how fortunate I am to have shown these works, albeit images in my humble online gallery. When I saw this. I knew that it was ‘something’, because it resonated with me. We hear that word a lot, ‘resonate’ but how many of us actually experience it. If your spirit cannot ‘resonate’ at the same frequency that is required to understand what this is all about…you (respectfully of course) need a refund. This exhibition is soon coming to an end. An end with my involvement but the works themselves and the 3 men that created them will go on to bigger things, I’m sure.