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Exhibition opening speach

Good evening and welcome to the „Walls“ exhibition by the artist collective HAD. Founded one and a half months ago, tonight they will present you a brand new form of the street art expression in a grain tank which has been modified into a gallery space. The urge for the collective changes made HAD members – Muhamed Bešlagić-Hamo, Anel Lepić and Damir Sarač (an architect, a painter and a street artist) to collaborate together with only one goal – to create something that is out of commercial and standard art forms.

Wallcut, as HAD members call it, is a new form of the street art based on traditional methods of relief and sgraffito fresco technique. Their need to escape from the domain of expected, already seen things and safe methods, brought them to something completely innovative, a creation of the art form that has been unknown and strange, yet breathtaking and close to everyone.

Ruined and forgotten walls in this factory were canvases for HAD members and were a trigger to make them want to create a new life by using the hammers, chisel, scalpels and other tools. Going deeply into the wall structure, creating the portrait of the forgotten individual, and crushing the past heritage from the times when this factory was living along with people, they started breaking the walls in their minds, making their artistic vision come completely free.

Tonight, you’ll be able to see 15 artworks made in past month and a half. Each of these representations have a soul to it, not only by looking at the final visual identity, but also by configuring the technical part of each piece. As a collective, they managed to create an eclectic attitude, and I witnessed their breaks from work myself, when they were making decisions whether they should go deeper into the wall structure, whether they should use a paint, or whether they should use some other wall painting additive. The way they unite their visions is completely fascinating, mostly if you look at how long the three of them work together.

The revolutionary and the selfless artistic expression, although far from the vandalism, carries a dose of anger, together with the need for runaways and the changes overall. Their inspiration comes from the forgotten things, their silence, surrealism, the past and everyday melancholy, turning it into representations of portraits and human figures. By deconstruction the wall surface, they tend to create a new life on the wall and then walk away from it. Their visions are what they carry along with themselves, not their artworks.

In the end, I will quote the world famous street artist Banksy: “One Original Thought is worth 1000 Meaningless Quotes.” Tonight you have an opportunity to look at the 15 original thoughts turned into artworks, and be a part of the first street art exhibition of this kind in Balkan.

Art curator and exhibition promoter – Lejla Bečar

HAD – WALLS Exhibition (video)