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This December,  Art For All In The World is launching a campaign called “Walls Of The World”. Artists will transform 100 walls around the world, culminating in an event where they will project the 100 walls together on a giant surface at a strategic location.  People will be able to see the walls before and after, along with the name of each artist who participates.

Art For All In The World is making art and culture accessible to everyone in a radically inclusive way, leaving communities with an image, message and the initiative to make their own improvements while shining a light on the work of talented artists. By working hand-in-hand with the communities, they create art that not only beautifies and inspires, but also makes a tangible difference, spurring further investment within the community and surrounding areas.

Artist collective HAD is invited to be a part of this campaign, and is honored to be the only representative from Balkans. HAD is preparing the sketches for the new wall in Visoko.

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